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An Evening of Lomo “Cinco Jotas”​ and​ Woodford Bourbon ​

April 27 | 5:30 PM - 9:30 PM

Embark on an exclusive culinary journey featuring Cinco Jotas Iberico Loin, an unparalleled delicacy - paired with the smooth, rich notes of a Salamander Special Edition Woodford Bourbon. 

Immerse yourself in an atmosphere of sophistication and luxury as you savor every bite and sip, experiencing a symphony of taste and refinement that promises an unforgettable evening.

This special culinary menu features:

  • "Cinco Jotas" Lomo Ibérico Unparalleled Acorn-fed Loin from Ibérico Pigs
  • Pan Con Tomate Crispy Cristal Bread toasted with Tomate Fresco
  • Artisanal Spanish Cheeses with Manchego, Idiazabal and Mahon Cheeses, Fresh Figs​ and Honeycomb

We are also offering our Salamander Woodford Reserve Double Oak Barrel, with your choice of:

  • Bourbon Served Neat or with Large Custom Ice Cube 
  • Cinto Jotas Fat-Washed Old Fashioned
  • Black Manhattan 

Please note that the seatings are only available to in-house guests. To secure a reservation, please email [email protected]

To view the full menu with pricing, visit the link below.